Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fastbreak 2012: God is Greater Than

After a 2 hour car ride, a delicious mexican dinner, the Fastbreak set up crew all sat in our staff meeting realizing it was the calm before the chaos. Good chaos, but chaos none the less. The students arrive tomorrow, and not only do we have all the set up to do in a day, we are overcapacity at the Athletes in Action headquarters in Xenia, OH. This is of course a "good" problem to have. More students than ever have made the decision to attend this conference and we are thrilled. Fishers High School alone has more than doubled in attendance since last year. 

The theme this year is "God is greater than..." Our hope is that the students leave this conference with the knowledge and belief that God is greater than anything that comes their way. The interesting thing is that us as staff are all learning that in our own ways as well.

We are trusting that God is greater than our worry and scramble of how to fit all the students and where to house the overflow. We are trusting that no matter what issues and problems arise, God will be greater than them. This conference belongs to the Lord, and no matter what He will be glorified. Someone once told me that obstacles are just ways of seeing God's glory at work. If we never ran into obstacles, we wouldn't need God's help to figure out how to get around them. 

I'm excited to see how God works at this conference and shows the students and staff that He is "greater than." He is greater than worry, greater than sickness, greater than sadness, greater than computer glitches, greater than the weather, greater than ourselves. 

"Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise." Psalm 48:1

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